Wellness Coach Certification

Holographic Human Coach Certifications

A powerful approach to achieving holistic well-being is by extending a helping hand to others and guiding them in realizing their own journey towards a healthier and more gratifying lifestyle. By sharing knowledge and empowering individuals to embrace positive changes, you not only contribute to their well-being but also enrich your own path toward complete health and wellness. Based upon Janey Marvin’s Holographic Human Transformation Theory, you now have the opportunity to become Certified at three Levels of Coaching:
Choose Which Level Best Suits Your Personal Needs & Goals

Level 1

Certified Coach

At this level, you learn the expertise needed to assist people in rapidly transforming their life circumstances through the utilization of holographic techniques. With your mastery of this level, you can guide individuals to make profound changes in just a matter of minutes.

Level 2


Acquire a comprehensive comprehension of the Holographic Human Transformation Theory along with supplementary techniques tailored for your clientele. Expand your knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of this theory and explore additional tools and methods to better serve your clients.

Level 3


At this advanced level, you will possess the expertise to educate and provide certifications to individuals seeking to learn these life-changing techniques. With your acquired knowledge, you are equipped to teach and guide others in mastering these transformative practices.

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