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Janey Marvin

Janey Marvin has been an NLP practitioner since 1995 and obtained her Master Hypnotherapist certification from the International Medical and Dental School in the same year. For decades, she has dedicated herself to the study of Holographic Human Theory, which has become her true passion. In her belief, the potential of the human mind knows no bounds, and the Holographic Human Theory serves as a comprehensive guide and roadmap to unlock this untapped potential. By merging the principles of Hypnotherapy with the concepts of the Holographic Human Theory, Janey has discovered a new pathway to facilitate profound personal transformation and liberate individuals from old programming, granting them the freedom to make conscious choices. With a background in Physics and extensive knowledge of the Holographic Human Theory, Janey has authored instructional and educational books. She is deeply enthusiastic about writing and sharing data, information, and knowledge to empower others on their personal growth journeys.

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